Why Angular?

AngularJS is one of the well-recognized Javascript framework. It is a Javascript-based open-source front end web application framework which is maintained by Google and by a community by individuals and corporations.

AngularJs is the Front End part of the MEAN Stack, consisting of MongoDB Database, Express.Js Web application server framework, Angular.Js itself, and Node.Js server runtime development.

In July 2012, the Angular team built an extension for the Google Chrome browser called Batarang, which improves the debugging experience for web applications built with Angular.

The first thing that we have in Angular is dependency injection, which is very unique. Nobody else has that. The next feature that we have in Angular is the idea of Directive. Rather than writing everything inside of Javascript and then having a bunch of templates to generate the UI, one can write a lot of it in HTML and HTML drives the assembly of the application. It’s kind of the reverse thing, it’s very unique. Nobody else has this particular approach.

Angular 2 is simple than Angular 1, but it does not mean it is less powerful.

The building block is improved, in fact, better than the best foundation in Angular 2. Such amazing building blocks are Router, Dependency Injection, Data Binding, and Typescript.

Not only the source of the framework is written in Typescript but also its tutorials and documentation have a Typescript example.

Eventually what’s new in Angular 7. It’s planned for October 2018

- New ngcompiler

- @angular/core splitting

- @aistore

- @angular/mine

We can say that Angular 7 looks like a much more accessible solution focused on modern technological trends.

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